Saturday, February 23, 2013


Valentines Day 2012 my dear friend Karin & I made the lead story of the front page of the LA Times, when I joined her riding for the week to raise awareness to help put an end to commercial horse slaughter. Literally 1 year to the day later the stories have come out of how Burger King, Tesco, & Walmart have been lying to their customers and labeling hamburgers as "100% BEEF". We knew that Obama was planning, and did indeed pass into law making it okay to commercially slaughter horses for human consumption, and that they would first serve these HORSE HAMBURGERS as institution food to the kids at school, as well as inmates in prison. I am further shocked this week as I learn what is going on in Oklahoma right now. They are planning on changing their status from "HORSE SHOW CAPITAL" to "HORSE SLAUGHTER CAPITAL". There is still time to make your voices heard, so I am praying that you will join me in my efforts to stop this before it has the chance to get off the ground. I am asking, pleading with you that you sign the online petition to oppose this Bill! We need 300 more people! OPPOSE SB375 and HB1999. Vote NO to Legalizing Horse Slaughter and Horse Meat Consumption in Oklahoma and Vote NO on the Export of Horse Meat to Outside Entities including other U.S. States or Foreign Countries. To be delivered to: Sen. Ron Justice (OK-23), Sen. Eddie Fields (OK-10), The Oklahoma State House, The Oklahoma State Senate, and Governor Mary Fallin PLEASE HELP ME KILL THIS BILL!!

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