Thursday, November 22, 2012


This has been the very best Thanksgiving ever! A new human has brought her mare here to Runyon Ranch to be my new barnmate! And I'm not just talking any mare, she is like a dream! Her name is Pretty Girl and she is a 6 year old Quater Horse. She is also a Sorrel, just like me, but bit more tobacco in color, with 4 boots, and 15.5 hands tall. I'd say she compliments me beautifully, its like she was made for me! I caught feelings the first time I saw her. It was love at first sight! Let me introduce you to my new girlfriend, PRETTY GIRL....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

On this Veteran's Day, I wanted to tell you about my greatest Hero, Sergeant Reckless. Staff Sergeant Reckless was a Sorrel Mongolian mare that the Marines(Lt. Eric Pedersen) purchased in 1952 during the Korean War from a young Korean boy at the Seoul Racetrack. She cost $250. The young boy loved this horse and only sold him so that he could buy his sister an artificial leg. His sister had lost her leg when she stepped on a land mine. The soldiers would use Reckless for ammunition runs and to transport the wounded. She lived with the US Soldiers on the front lines. She was a girl after my own heart and loved to eat. Anything, everything, and at all times! On one day, Reckless made 51 trips from the ammunition supply point to the front lines. 95% of the time she would walk this trip alone. She was wounded in action a couple of times, but that didn't stop her. She was 2ce awarded the Purple Heart, among several other prestigious medals of honor. Reckless was named by TIME LIFE as one of the top "100 GREATEST AMERICAN HEROS". She's my greatest hero, and we also share the same coat & markings. This is why my middle name is Reckless. There is another wonderful human named Robin who is writing a book and screenplay about Reckless! This is really exciting for me and my human(also named Robin). I sure hope that someone buys that screenplay and it can be made into a movie soon. Reckless was truly amazing and I want the world to know about her bravery. And if they do it soon enough maybe I could even play the part! I may be 3 or 4 hands taller than Reckless, but she looks familiar, would you not agree? ~Chestnut...3 Boots...just sayin! Mom added links below so that you can learn more about her, and also how you can help build the national Memorial Monument in her honor that will be placed in Washington, DC and Camp Pendleton. Please be sure to drop by her website and join the Reckless Fan Club! I did!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sharing an apple with Max on a gorgeous November day! We got good news today, and it looks like I am finally going to have a new horse friend to come and stay with me and Delilah! Ive been looking for a new playmate for sometime now. I usually have boyfriends, but I hear my new playmate is a LADY! :) Down to last 2 bails of hay! Time to Order soon!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friends of the Blind

Today my mom took me on a hand walk, as she has just decided not to ride me until I can have my 'teeth floated'. Although my teeth are hurting, I was not shaking my head today, and was on my best behavior. We walked to my favorite, and only patch of grass in all of Runyon Canyon, had a quick bite, and continued on to my favorite spot-the 'Bench Overlook'. Mom and I like to come here often. I like to make friends with the doggies there, get kisses from them, and to check people's pockets for carrots and apples. There was a teenage boy there today who I was very happy to meet. I'm sorry I didnt get his name but he was there with a handler and a stick. He was the first blind person that I had ever met. I stood very still and let him touch my forehead, down to my soft nose. He clicked his tongue and used acoustics to judge my size and distance from him. I stood quiet and let him feel my strong neck, how very tall my back was, and my long tail. It was a most wonderful experience. I really enjoyed meeting this young man. I hope he comes back for a visit again soon!


Many of the Runyon Hikers know about what happend to my best friend Delilah this past summer. Many of you do not, so I will tell you the story. There are signs posted to please have your dog on a leash until you get past the second house,(after all it is an active driveway). Many of the hikers on the trail disregard this rule. One day there was a dog off leash who bolted under the fence and ran into the corral here at the barn. This was most terrifying for all of us. Delilah took off running, and this not nice doggie chased her around to the back side of the barn and cornered her in the stall where I usually sleep. She was cornered and was horrificly attacked. Thank God the humans heard at this point and came running to help. Delilahs back leg was severely damaged and the wonderful vet sewed her back up and she was able to return home. Unfortunately Delilah's healing did not take, and an awful infection set in. She would not walk at all and was sequestered away from me, making me very sad and all alone. The descision was made to amputate her leg, and she would be staying at the vet until her wound was 'sealed and healed'; although I did not quite understand this at the time. When our care-taker, Lars, was to load her in the car to take her away, she broke loose and ran over to me dragging her bad leg behind her. I could tell by the smell that she was very sick. She gave me a kiss goodbye before being wisked away. She didnt come back the next day. Nor did she return the day after that, or the day after that. I became so increadibly worried and sad, I did not want to go out at all and would barely lift my head. I thought she was gone forever. She was my very best and only friend since my buddy Red Barron had left the barn. I was heartbroken. Then one day she came back! Delilah had one less leg, but I would help nudge her with my nose to help her stand up and regain her balance. Now Delilah is healthy and strong, and doesn't even miss that leg! She gets very upset when mom takes me out on walks because she cannot come with us. She will yell so that the entire canyon will know she is displeased, and does not like being separated from me. Sometimes she will even sneak out the back side of the fence and onto the trail and cry at the hikers to tell me to come home immediately. It usually works! *Moral of the Story? PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEASH DURING LEASH ZONE! ~A Thousand Thank Yous!