Sunday, November 11, 2012

On this Veteran's Day, I wanted to tell you about my greatest Hero, Sergeant Reckless. Staff Sergeant Reckless was a Sorrel Mongolian mare that the Marines(Lt. Eric Pedersen) purchased in 1952 during the Korean War from a young Korean boy at the Seoul Racetrack. She cost $250. The young boy loved this horse and only sold him so that he could buy his sister an artificial leg. His sister had lost her leg when she stepped on a land mine. The soldiers would use Reckless for ammunition runs and to transport the wounded. She lived with the US Soldiers on the front lines. She was a girl after my own heart and loved to eat. Anything, everything, and at all times! On one day, Reckless made 51 trips from the ammunition supply point to the front lines. 95% of the time she would walk this trip alone. She was wounded in action a couple of times, but that didn't stop her. She was 2ce awarded the Purple Heart, among several other prestigious medals of honor. Reckless was named by TIME LIFE as one of the top "100 GREATEST AMERICAN HEROS". She's my greatest hero, and we also share the same coat & markings. This is why my middle name is Reckless. There is another wonderful human named Robin who is writing a book and screenplay about Reckless! This is really exciting for me and my human(also named Robin). I sure hope that someone buys that screenplay and it can be made into a movie soon. Reckless was truly amazing and I want the world to know about her bravery. And if they do it soon enough maybe I could even play the part! I may be 3 or 4 hands taller than Reckless, but she looks familiar, would you not agree? ~Chestnut...3 Boots...just sayin! Mom added links below so that you can learn more about her, and also how you can help build the national Memorial Monument in her honor that will be placed in Washington, DC and Camp Pendleton. Please be sure to drop by her website and join the Reckless Fan Club! I did!

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  1. E-6... Same rank as my father(who told us about Reckless in the first place).Thanks Dad.