Saturday, November 3, 2012

Friends of the Blind

Today my mom took me on a hand walk, as she has just decided not to ride me until I can have my 'teeth floated'. Although my teeth are hurting, I was not shaking my head today, and was on my best behavior. We walked to my favorite, and only patch of grass in all of Runyon Canyon, had a quick bite, and continued on to my favorite spot-the 'Bench Overlook'. Mom and I like to come here often. I like to make friends with the doggies there, get kisses from them, and to check people's pockets for carrots and apples. There was a teenage boy there today who I was very happy to meet. I'm sorry I didnt get his name but he was there with a handler and a stick. He was the first blind person that I had ever met. I stood very still and let him touch my forehead, down to my soft nose. He clicked his tongue and used acoustics to judge my size and distance from him. I stood quiet and let him feel my strong neck, how very tall my back was, and my long tail. It was a most wonderful experience. I really enjoyed meeting this young man. I hope he comes back for a visit again soon!

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